Life with A Sprinkle Of Sugar

Buttoning My Shirt and Other Adventures of Living with RA

By on May 18, 2017

“You’re too young to have arthritis.” That’s probably the most common reaction I get from people when I choose to tell them about my condition. Running neck and neck with the question “What’s wrong with your arm?” I don’t always find it necessary to disclose. It’s not contagious and trying to explain that there isn’t […]

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Weight Loss

How to Get Fat…

By on May 11, 2017

I have done extensive research and my independent studies have shown the following to be tried and true. Foolproof advice for getting fat and/or out of shape. A compilation of the things that have lead to my physical demise. Please take heed of the things being presented 🙂 Mindlessly eating- eating while watching tv, driving, […]

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