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Changing Eating Habits to Live Healthier

April 19, 2017
changing eating habits

Change can often be difficult. Making changes to bad habits that you’ve developed maybe even embraced come with an entirely different set of challenges. Changing eating habits is no exception.

When cutting down carbs, fried foods, and sweets I have found that I’m surrounded by candy, Pepsi, and chicken nuggets.

I didn’t even like McDonald’s chicken nuggets until I decided to give up beef in the past month. Now I’m obsessed.

I literally crave McDonald’s chicken nuggets hot and fresh, dipped in honey mustard (which I’ve always hated).
I still find that the nuggets are a better choice than my all time fave the Big Mac. Coming in at 270 calories for a 6 piece vs. 540 calories for the Big Mac.

However, as I am getting more and more in tune with my eating I know that neither is chock full of nutritional value. Quite possibly containing zero.

In the next 7 days, I am going to embrace a sugar detox and rid myself of some of this sugar that’s wearing my body down. Thus this is a great time to kick off a low carb diet.

Please bare with me and forgive me in advance for the things I’m bound to say.

Slow progress is better than no progress.

Update my niece has officially broken my scale so this weigh in is from the 12th.Weight loss progress

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