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Chasing Hope, Finding Motivation 

May 8, 2017

Chasing Hope

To chase is to pursue in order to catch up with. Ok, let’s take it a step further and use the word in a sentence. “The dog chased its tail.” “I chase vodka with cranberry juice.” I think you get the gist of it.

Chasing something can have several connotations. In a sense, chasing can be a frustrating experience. As the dog chasing its tail, the chase can be like an endless marathon.

Constantly seeking, constantly reaching out for something just outside of your grasp, giving up from time to time, getting tired but finding the energy to go after that thing again.

Then you have the rewarding side of chasing, the journey. Keeping your mindset on the victory and your eye on the prize, the chase seems so much more worth it.


finding motivation and hope


  1. I love this! Sometimes we can feel like giving up the chase and forgetting our passions. But like you said, we can find the energy to keep on and continue the journey. Keep the motivation coming, and be unstoppable!

  2. I always interpreted the word in a negative way, like you described, but you are right, it can be positive as well. Thank you!

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