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How to Get Fat…

May 11, 2017

I have done extensive research and my independent studies have shown the following to be tried and true. Foolproof advice for getting fat and/or out of shape. A compilation of the things that have lead to my physical demise. Please take heed of the things being presented 🙂

  1. Mindlessly eating- eating while watching tv, driving, studying.
  2. Eating and going to bed or eating while in bed. My Netflix binges always happen from bed. That means snacks too.
  3. Fast food every day. Even a few days a week. A Big Mac comes in at a whopping 540 calories, add a medium fry for an additional 340 calories and you’ve pretty much consumed half of your daily calories in one meal minus the drink.Fast food
  4. Diet soda. The aspartame disturbs the bodies ability to detect sugar and calories and thus encouraging more eating. You’ll drink a Diet Coke but wind up eating a whole large pizza. You’d be better off drinking a regular coke and only eating a couple of slices.Diet soda
  5. Not sleeping. During sleep, your body repairs itself. It restores your energy and regenerates cells. If you’re not getting an appropriate amount of rest your body doesn’t have adequate time to do those things. A full nights sleep burns up to 500 calories. That should be an incentive to get some sleep.Sleeping
  6. Inactivity. I mentioned my Netflix binges earlier. Sitting around for days on end watching tv and surfing the internet is pretty much a leech of energy and a set up for obesity and illness. Your heart needs to work. Your bones and muscles need stretching. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Get up and move.
  7. Stress puts so much strain on the body. There are a number of ways that stress can negatively affect your overall health. Stress eating is normally compromised of sugars and high-fat foods. Cortisol is a stress reliever. Stress makes you crave sugars because they release cortisol. The same endorphins are released from exercise.
  8. Binge diets. Which one haven’t I tried? Before I felt the need to lose weight, I tried binge diets to keep friends motivated. Binge diets suppress metabolism causing it to shut down. A balanced diet and exercise will work wonders with consistency.

I’ve made light of the situation knowing that health is a serious issue. Humor always lightens the blow of a reality check. Stepping on the scale nearly every morning brings everything full circle for me. Hopefully, something said will benefit someone. Maybe you see these things in your own lifestyle and realize they’ve contributed to your problems. Stay positive and never forget it’s never too late.

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